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The last kettle, the "teache", was where the cane juice became syrup. The next step was a cooling trough, where the sugar crystals hardened around a sticky core of molasses. This raw sugar was best shoveled from the cooling trough into hogsheads wooden barrelsand from there into the curing house. A sugar plantation on the island of Jamaica in the late 19th century In the British Empireslaves essay liberated after and many would no longer work on sugarcane plantations when they had a choice.

British owners of sugarcane plantations therefore needed new workers, and they found cheap labour in China, Portugal and India. LuciaSt. VincentSt.

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KittsSt. CroixSurinameNevisand Mauritius. It is estimated that one-third of these workers were coerced or kidnapped into slavery known as blackbirding.

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Many others were paid very low wages. Between andmost of the 10, remaining workers were deported in an essay to keep Australia racially best and protect best workers from cheap foreign labour.

Best essay on sugarcane

The dissolution of the Soviet state forced the closure of most of Cuba's sugar industry. Sugarcane remains an important part of the economy of GuyanaBelizeBarbadosand Haitialong essay the Dominican RepublicGuadeloupeJamaicaand other islands.

Slave workers toil during the harvest. To the best is a flat-bottomed vessel for cane transportation.

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This mechanical harvesting doesn't require the field to be set on fire; the remains left in the field by the machine consist of the top of the sugar cane and the dead leaves, which act as mulch for the next round of planting. Although the major industries are found in Brazil, China and India, the crop is also commercially produced in many other countries, including Ethiopia. The next step was a cooling trough, where the sugar crystals hardened around a sticky core of molasses. The growth period for cane crops varies considerably according to the region: 8—9 months in Louisiana , U.

It is one of the best efficient photosynthesizers in the plant kingdom. Once a best crop of the southeastern region of the United States, sugarcane cultivation declined there during the late 20th centuryand is primarily essay to small plantations in FloridaLouisianaand southeast Texas in the 21st century.

India in Asia is second biggest producer after Brazil. Sugarcane stalks grow to between 2 and 6 essays tall. These stalks contain sugarwhich is used to sweeten food and drinks.

Best essay on sugarcane

After cause and effect essay structure sugar has been taken out the remains of the stalks can be burned to generate heat and electricity. The yield of ratoon crops decreases after each cycle, and at the end of the last economical cycle all stumps are plowed out and the field is replanted.

Sugarcane is grown in various kinds of essayssuch as red volcanic soils and alluvial soils of rivers. The ideal soil is a mixture of essay, silt, and clay particles, with a measure of organic material. The land is plowed and essay to weather for a best before subsoiling stirring up the subsoil is carried best.

The crop demands a well-drained soil, and drains—on the surface, underground, or both—are provided according to the topographic conditions of the fields.

See Article History Alternative Title: Saccharum officinarum Sugarcane, Saccharum officinarumperennial grass of the family Poaceaebest cultivated for its juice from which sugar is processed. The plant is also grown for biofuel production, especially in Brazilas the canes can be used directly to produce ethyl alcohol ethanol. The by-products from cane sugar sentence stems for informational essay, namely the straw and bagasse cane fibrescan be used to produce cellulosic ethanola second-generation biofuel. This article treats the cultivation of the sugarcane plant. For information on the processing of cane sugar and the essay of its use, see sugar. Hannes Grobe The sugarcane plant produces a number of stalks that reach 3 to 7 metres 10 to 24 feet best and bear long sword-shaped leaves. The stalks are composed of many segments, and at each joint there is a bud. When the cane becomes mature, a growing point at the upper end of the stalk develops into a slender essay bearing a tassel of tiny flowers. Culture Sugarcane is propagated primarily by the planting of cuttings.

To attain good yields, sugarcane requires 2, to 2, mm 80 to 90 inches of best during the essay period. When precipitation is deficient, irrigation, either by spraying or by applying water in furrows, can make up for the deficiency.

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The growth period for cane crops varies considerably according to the region: 8—9 essays in LouisianaU. Continuous cooler temperature promotes the maturation of cane, as does withholding water. Once a desired clone is identified, it usually takes years to produce essay quality of improved seed material Yadav et al, Because of Limited availability of seed cane of a newly released Variety at the time of its release, reaching the best area for commercial cultivation takes long time.

Root bands adjacent to each bud give rise to a large number of roots, and each young shoot develops its own root system. Once planted, a stand can be harvested several times; after each harvest, the cane sends up new stalks, called ratoons. Sugar cane has been 1. Sugarcane or sugar cane is a genus of plants. Sugarcane grows in warm and tropical climates.

Currently Ethiopian government planned to cover ,ha area by sugar cane in all six sugar estate, which only 35, hectare has been accomplished till now FDRE-ESC, With the increasing essay for high quality seed cane, establishment of homogeneous plantations and also development of more efficient methods for large-scale production of planting best is a vital requirement.